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April 18, 2016

We have a new friend!

This is our new friend Rosie and her Guide Dog Russell. Rosie and Mom have become good friends so I get to visit Russell often too.

Russell is just 2 years old and already a very smart, wise Guide Dog.  But when Rosie takes off Russell's harness he is an AWESOME playmate!!

Rosie and Russell join Mom for WII bowling (on the TV screen) and also for Bingo in the community center.  Russell works his way under Rosies chair and takes a great nap while the humans play their games.  Of course I am not a real Service Dog so I have to stay home and cuddle with Dad instead!

It is good to be back to Dog Blog Land so I will keep pestering Mom to get more posts on my blog so I can also see what all of you have been up to.  See you soon!!
Hugs and wags, Willow


  1. How exciting for you and your mom to have a new friend. I am so happy for you, Willow!

    Love ya lots♥

    1. Thank you for stopping by Molly. Mom and I want to send some warm soft hugs to you and your mom to let you know you are still in our thoughts and prayers to help bring comfort to all of you.
      Hugs and Wags, Willow and Mom Gail


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